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PAW-MATE: Senior cat Ruth is still a kitten at heart

November 10, 2016

Ruth may seem shy at first, but she’s a sweet cat who still has plenty of kitten antics left in her. We’re shining the spotlight on this senior citizen to help her find a forever home.

Ruth has been in our care for 88 days. When you walk past her condo, she sits quietly, but don’t let that fool you! Beneath the initial reservations is a cat who loves nothing more than attention and playtime.

ldh-paw-mate-ruth-802239“Ruth loves to smooch with people. Although she is quiet when alone, she loves attention whenever someone has a moment to spare,” said Amanda, cattery coordinator at the Home.

“Ruth will often engage in some playful games. It isn’t that common to find a cat of this age who still likes to play.”

As Amanda points out, there are many benefits of adopting a senior pet like Ruth.

“She would do well in almost any home, as long as she is given some time to catch up on some much-loved sleep in a warm spot during the day.

Ruth is a low-maintenance pet. She is happy having a snooze on her own, but affectionate when you want to interact.

“She would be great for anyone looking for a quiet companion who isn’t totally dependent on her owners to entertain her all day.”

Senior pets may be a little older, a little greyer and a little slower than their younger shelter mates, but they’ll love you just as much. Not sure if a Golden Oldie is right for you? Read our top seven reasons to adopt a senior pet.

Ruth (ID 802239) is up for adoption at our North Melbourne shelter. To learn more about her, view her adoption profile or call our friendly adoptions team on (03) 9329 2755.