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PAW-MATE WRAP-UP: Whitney finally heads home

June 14, 2016

Some shelter pets spend weeks or months waiting for their perfect match to come along. That was the case for goofy pooch Whitney, who spent around six weeks up for adoption at our North Melbourne shelter.

To help our long-term pets like her find new homes, we launched our Paw-Mate adoption drive and halved their adoption fees from 1-13 June. Whitney was one of 59 dogs and cats who found new homes during the Paw-Mate drive.

LDH-whitney-adopted-7Whitney now has a new family with Roncia and Justin, along with a new name, Nyssa. Roncia recently sent us this lovely update on their newest addition:

“I have always adopted pets from shelters. But when I saw that video of her, I fell in love.

Nyssa has decided she loves her new home. She enjoys playing in the backyard with Justin. She has her own bed in the lounge, where she sits with us when we watch TV.

Nyssa has a blue rope toy that is actually a pig. She carries it around the house and sleeps with it. Anything with a rope is fun for Nyssa. And car rides, she loves the car.

Her affection towards us already has been amazing over the last week, and the excitement when one of us comes home. She can’t stand still when we come home and just wants scratches on her belly and to get close to you for big cuddles.

LDH-whitney-adopted-3Animals that come from a shelter have this look in their eyes when you first bring them home that says, ‘I’m so glad I came home with you’. The love and bond they have with their carers at the shelter is just adorable. Your staff are amazing.

Since bringing Nyssa home, I have enjoyed every moment spent with her and I am forever grateful that I made the trip down to The Lost Dogs’ Home to meet her.

Since talking to others about my new family member, I believe I have changed some people’s opinions of shelter pets, and I believe more will adopt in the future.”

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