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Be a Voice at the Puppy Farm Awareness Day Rally

September 7, 2010

Download posters for Oscars Law Rally in Melbourne A4 & A5.

Dear Friends, I would like to invite you to joining me and The Home’ Team in supporting Oscar’s Law, which is striving to provide a voice for the thousands of dogs imprisoned in puppy farms and in back yard breeding houses.

Unite with us in promoting that we will not tolerate farming of our companion animals or inhumane breeding practices that ignore or try to avoid laws and regulations.

The Lost Dogs’ Home will have a marquee at the rally where you will be able to meet the team. Proceeds made from the sale of merchandise on the day will be donated to an Oscar’s Law aligned charity. Listen to key note speakers from the animal welfare movement including 3AW’s Derryn Hinch, Moira Rayner (Lawyers for Animals) and Debra Trantra (Oscar’s Law Convener).

We are working with an array of rescue providers and animal welfare advocates in an unprecedented show of solidarity.

For further details please visit  or download the brochures here. You may like to letterbox drop either the A5 or A4 brochures in your neighbourhood, or hand them out at other community events.

When: Sunday 19 September 2010 – 12:00 noon
Where: Parliament House (Treasury Gardens)

Help us to gather more voices by spreading the word by emailing your friends and family, or sharing the event on Twitter and Facebook.

Dr Graeme Smith OAM
Managing Director