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Optimus Prime takes off to San Francisco

July 5, 2015

Moving overseas can be an exciting adventure. But, when planning a big move, we have to consider the needs of our family, including the needs of our beloved pets.

In 2009 dog lover Julia adopted seven year-old Optimus Prime after falling in love with the cheeky beagle mix at our North Melbourne shelter.

Since that fateful day, Optimus has been a key part in Julia’s life, faithfully being there with her at a number of special events including her engagement and marriage.

So when Julia and her husband made the decision to move overseas in 2013, it didn’t take them too long to make the decision to take Optimus Prime on their great new adventure.

“We had always wanted to do a stint overseas for our careers and when we made the decision to move overseas, we knew that we would be taking Optimus with us.

“When deciding where we would go, we assessed a number of different areas and the first thing we looked at was the quarantine requirements for that country and what it would take to get Optimus there. It was based on this that we ended up choosing the United States for our big move,” said Julia.

Before deciding on where they were going to go, Julia met with an Australian Accredited Veterinarian to work out what treatments and checks Optimus would need before travelling overseas.

“I made an appointment with the vet before we had decided where we were going as I wanted to be prepared.

“He gave me all the information I needed in order to get Optimus Prime ready to go overseas and he also gave me recommendations of preferred pet carriers and airlines we could look at for transporting Optimus.

“He explained it clearly to me, and that made the process easier and made me more confident about the move,” said Julia.

You can listen to our Pets-A-Loud feature on Julia and Optimus Prime here:

The Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic now has two Australian Government Accredited Veterinarians, who can help you get your furry friend ready for their big overseas adventure.
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