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No Winners in Melton Dog Tragedy

November 3, 2010

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The shooting of two dogs after they were involved in a vicious attack was an avoidable tragedy says Dr Graeme Smith the Managing Director of The Lost Dogs' Home.

"We need to be very sad for today's events. There are no winners in this terrible ordeal. Police were forced to take action for public safety meaning the dogs were destroyed in horrific circumstances."

"I understand from the Channel 9 footage that the dogs were attacking as a pack. Powerful and athletic and highly agitated, having already attacked, the dogs then wandered through the main streets of Melton trying to reach the safety of their home."

"Once there, they then fought amongst themselves, ripping into each other leaving authorities no choice but to end the sorry scene with fatal shots."

Our investigations suggest that these dogs often roam free through Melton and may have been used for backyard breeding.

All owners of dogs that can inflict actual harm have a higher level of responsibility to ensure they are controlled and contained.

As a result of owner neglect and irresponsibility, a young man is hurt and two dogs are dead.

It is imperative that this sort of owner confronts the justice system.

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Dr Graeme Smith OAM

**Some footage in this video may be distressing to some viewers**