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NEWS: Separation anxiety in pets on The Project

May 4, 2016
Thursday 31 March 2016 on The Project with Dr Trepheena Hunter

Dog owners know their canine companions are an integral part of family life. They’ll spend a lot of their time with us at home and in some cases they will be an important part of our family outings or even holidays.

Being highly social animals, it is understandable that some dogs can become anxious when separated from those they love.

Separation anxiety is a fear response which can occur in dogs when they’re separated from a specific person, group of people or even another family pet. Dogs suffering from separation anxiety are afraid of being left on their own.

During the last couple of weeks there has been an increased focus on the affect scenarios such as a relationship break-up can have on our pets, especially our dogs.

Last month Dr Trepheena Hunter, Animal Behaviour Manger at the Home spoke about how separation anxiety affects dogs and what pet owners can do to help their dogs through it.

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