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The search is on for a very special girl’s pawfect and unique match

May 15, 2020
Our beautiful girl's big journey

Update: Mulan has been adopted into a wonderful new home where she’ll receive the lifetime of love and care she deserves. If you’re ready to welcome a new dog into your home and heart, click here to view our dogs available for adoption.

At just 1 year of age, Mulan, a gorgeous female Doberman has experienced more neglect than imaginable.

Before arriving at The Lost Dogs’ Home’s North Melbourne shelter in February, Mulan had been the victim of irresponsible backyard breeding.

Not allowed outside and confined to a single room, Mulan had never seen sunlight or experienced anything beyond that room.

She arrived so petrified she was not able to even walk on her own and had to be carried in by our team members. Mulan hid in her kennel, petrified for days.

Spokesperson for The Lost Dogs’ Home, Suzana Talevski, said the shelter’s animal attendants and specialised behaviour team had been working tirelessly with Mulan to develop her coping skills and increase her confidence.

“Mulan is a very sweet natured and affectionate dog. Our team has taught her some new skills and continue to work with her on others,” said Ms Talevski. “Her extreme anxiety issues also highlight the importance of socialising puppies from a young age.”

The good news is Mulan is now ready to find her forever home and is up for adoption. Because of her unique circumstances, Mulan’s has specific needs when it comes to re-homing and the search is on to find the best possible home for our special girl.

  • Mulan would be happier away from the city noise in a quiet rural or semi-rural setting where she is cherished and loved as one of the family.
  • Mulan loves other dogs therefore she would be happiest in a household where she has four legged siblings.
  • Her new owners would need to be extremely patient, nurturing and dedicated to her ongoing behaviour training and care. Her new owners will receive ongoing support from our behaviour team.

“Mulan suffers from debilitating anxiety; likely due to genetics and poor socilisation. Mulan has been working closely with our behaviour veterinarian who has prescribed her with anti-anxiety medication to help her learn to cope in the real world,” said Ms Talevski.

“Mulan has started her journey to her new life with us but now it’s now time to find her fur-ever home and continue her journey. Backyard breeding continues to contribute to the unwanted companion animal population in the community,” said Ms Talevski.

“The mental, emotional and physical effects that this practice has on animals cannot be overstated.

It is devastating. There has never been a better or more urgent time to choose to adopt rather than shop.”

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