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Mental Health and Pets

October 15, 2012
Pets-a-loud - Pets mental health edition

Have you ever gone through a rough patch in your life or just had an off day and realised on reflection how much of a positive role your pet played in helping you feel better?

A range of research shows that contact with animals can improve our wellbeing and state of mental health. A publication put together by Beyond Blue and Deakin University in 2010 found that caring for and having contact with pets encouraged owners to spend more time outdoors and socialise, added meaning to their lives and generally enriched and enhanced their sense of wellbeing.

On this week’s program we explore the strong connection pet owners have with their furry friends and look at ways to return the favour and maintain happy and healthy pets.

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The Lost Dogs Home News Wrap

  • Two former residents, Bess and Chloe who have been adopted into loving homes.
  • Study has found a large percentage of Australian pet owners share their beds with their furry friends.
  • Around 36 puppies were recovered from two cars in Dublin, Ireland as part of an animal cruelty investigation.

Q & A with Dr Alan Bolton

  • Insight and tips on your questions about dogs, anxiety and boredom.

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Pet of the Week

Toby 921511

Toby - Pet of the week

Toby is a gentle giant. He is quiet and sweet and loves nothing more than to get lots of pats, although he is just as content to find a warm spot to curl up in if he is left alone. Toby is not the biggest fan of loud noises, so he would prefer a quiet home.

Dog Dates

October 21

Spring Fling street festival @ Errol Street, North Melbourne between 11am and 6pm

October 27

• The Lost Dogs’ Home Pet Portraits – in studio sessions The Lost Dogs’ Home Thelma Hoult Training and Education Centre @ 13 Gracie Street, North Melbourne between 9am – 5pm. Bookings are essential

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Owning a dog requires a lot time, patience, care and a lot of love. Next week we discuss the key aspects of being a responsible pet owner.