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INFO: Look out for your pet this Lunar New Year

February 6, 2016
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Happy Lunar New Year! This weekend many of us will welcome in the year of the monkey with feasts, fiery dragons and firecrackers.

However, while many of us will revel in the festivities, for our feline friends and canine companions firecrackers and fireworks can be a source of anxiety and stress.

With fireworks planned to ring in the new lunar year this weekend, we are calling on pet owners to remember to look out for their pets while these events are happening in your area.

Dr Trepheena Hunter, Animal Behaviour Manager at the Home, has some great tips for pet owners to help keep their dogs and cats calm when fireworks are going in in their area. Hit play on the audio below for more information.

If you need further advice on what you can do to help your pet manage their anxiety during fireworks and thunderstorms have a chat to your vet.

For more tips on caring for your pet during fireworks and storms check out our National Pet ID Month Fireworks storms and your pet fact sheet.