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From train tracks to a safe home: Lulu’s tale of survival

August 15, 2017
Lulu has settled into a loving new home after being rescued from train tracks..

Lulu was rescued from train tracks in Melbourne’s west. She was found sheltering in a railway tunnel, surviving on dirty water from puddles.

Luckily, a security guard who was patrolling the tracks spotted Lulu.

Thanks to donations from animal lovers like you, our team of vets and nurses was ready to tend to the horrific wounds all over Lulu’s body, and alleviate her pain.

LDH-Lulu-rescued-train-tracksFurther tests showed that Lulu had a tumour and painful eye condition, both of which required specialist surgery.

She spent a month recovering under the care of our vets and nurses, and also gained her confidence with the help of our behaviour team.

Lulu melted the hearts of her carers at the Home. The same happened when she first met adopters Sarah and Cameron, who would become her new family.

“I think the moment we met Lulu, we fell in love,” said Sarah.

We cannot explain what a gem she is. She is the most beautiful natured, affectionate, loving friend and the perfect fit for our family.

LDH-adopted-adored-Lulu-dog“Our home has been greatly enriched since the moment Lulu came galloping through our front doors with excitement and love to give.

“There is nothing better than seeing her face at the window when we arrive home; the full body wiggle she gives when we walk through the door; leaping like an Olympic high jumper and running around in circles, so full of ecstatic joy.

“She is our shadow. She follows us almost everywhere and her favourite time of day is when the three of us are cuddled on the couch or in bed together.

“Not only is she the most amazing, resilient character, but her trust and love for her human companions must surely come of the support of the carers she has befriended at The Lost Dogs’ Home.”

Rescued pets like Lulu arrive at our doorstep with awful injuries and illness. Your gift will help our vets and nurses provide the vital care they desperately need.