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Adopted & Adored: Love perseveres

November 23, 2014

When tragedy struck the Arnall family earlier this year, they felt they had lost everything and the road towards healing seemed very long. They had no idea at the time though that Ned – a big Arab bull mix with a huge heart to match – would give them the strength to move forward and would be right by their side the whole way.

Karen recently wrote to us about the unconditional love and abundance of joy Ned has brought to her family since his adoption. Her story is our Adopted & Adored letter this week.

Dear The Lost Dogs’ Home,

In January this year our family was involved in a campervan fire while on holidays. My husband received burns while helping Eloise our six-year-old daughter and myself to escape from the burning campervan. We basically watched from a distance while the campervan went up in flames – everything was incinerated in about 10 minutes.

After the fire we were all a bit shell shocked. My husband sustained burns to his arms and face and our daughter was distraught because her blanky she’s had since birth and her favourite b10157120_10203176331751310_7147185766371254374_n-1edtime bear both perished in the fire.

My husband spent some time recovering from his physical injuries, but the emotional scars remained. We discussed as a family how much it would mean to us if we adopted a dog, and that perhaps it would help with our healing to shift the focus a little.

That’s when we found Ned — formerly known as Cooper — on your website.

Ned was full of energy but he was a not a jumper, this was very important as our daughter was only five at the time. He was just so happy to meet all four of us and once we got home settled into our house beautifully — he even shares our allergies!

He has an enormous dog house in the back yard but he definitely prefers to be indoors. He has his favourite sofa and loves to snuggle with anyone who chooses to sit next to him. He adores long, walks and is also a hit at our daughter’s primary school.

10272626_10203529849229026_557298845976422766_o-1All the kids, mums and the crossing lady love him and know him by name.

Ned has proven to be quite the quick learner and now knows the commands ‘come’, ‘stay’, ‘sit’, ‘drop’, ‘down’ and ‘shake’. He also knows I make the lunches at 8.30 pm so each night and waits patiently in the kitchen knowing a stray slice of ham has his name on it.

Ned is a gentle giant with a beautiful nature and a sixth sense for anyone who needs comforting —we just can’t imagine our lives without him. He loves us all unconditionally and has given each of us a new focus.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but we do and from the bottom of our hearts!

Best Wishes from Karen, Heath, Joshua & Eloise