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The Lost Dogs’ Home Blanket Appeal

May 31, 2010
Blanket appeal

How to beat the Winter chills is on everyone’s mind this season as temperatures drop.

Our four-legged friends may be covered in hair and know how to tactically curl themselves into a ball to stay warm, but it doesn’t mean they still don’t feel the icy pinch of a cold Winter’s night.

The Lost Dogs’ Home relies totally on generous donations from the public of blankets, towels, soft dog beds and coats to help keep the thousands of dogs we care for each winter, warm and cozy. Combined with electric under floor heating in every pen, a warm blanket makes a huge difference to our ability to provide comfort for abandoned and lost dogs.

Once again this winter we need your help to provide much needed bedding for the dogs and cats we care for. Donations of blankets, towels, and dog beds will be gratefully accepted at our shelters in North Melbourne, Cranbourne, Moss Vale and Echuca. Please note that we cannot use doonas, pillows, eiderdowns and linen.

Winter is a bad time for animals to find themselves lost or homeless on the street, exposed and vulnerable to often freezing temperatures can pose serious health threats.

The Lost Dogs’ Home and other Animal shelters around Australia often experience an influx of unclaimed stray and abandoned dogs at this time of year. We believe this is because puppies acquired over the Christmas holidays have grown into active adolescents requiring lots more training and exercise. However coinciding with the onset of cold, wet weather and shorter days many owners are less inclined to get out with their young dog when they need it most.

Dogs that are confined in back yards for long periods of time, starved of company and not stimulated through exercise and training can develop a range anti social and destructive behaviours. It’s the reason many escape and stray and others are handed over by their owners to shelters as ‘too hard to control’.

On top this off, there is a general decrease in the rates of adoptions in winter months as people think twice about venturing out and making the decision to welcome an abandoned dog or cat into their lives.

The end result is that the average stay for dogs at the Home during winter is longer. We need your help to be able to provide them with a little warmth and comfort during their stay. A donated blanket provides a lost and abandoned dog with a cosy place to retreat and gives a sense of security.

Many organizations run blanket and food drives at work and at the same time raise awareness for The Lost Dogs’ Home’s work. The staff at Pacific Hydro in March this year successfully collected around sixty blankets during their blanket drive, which were delivered to the Home in time for winter.

Running a blanket drive is easy and the Home can help support you with posters and flyers. For more information please contact the fundraising department or email Meanwhile we will welcome donations of blankets and bedding at any of our shelters.