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Adopted & Adored: Alan finds his “Little Mr Sunshine”

January 23, 2015

Neighbours and good friends, Alan and Julie packed the car early this morning and travelled hundreds of kilometres from a small country town by the Murray River in Northern Victoria to meet a very special lad by the name Sunshine.

And it wasn’t just the two of them. Keeping them company was Julie’s sweet natured and much loved dogs Oliver, Henry and Paris Hilton.

Both lovers of animals, when Alan and Julie came across Sunshine’s story online and the commentary around it, they were concerned about what would happen to him.

“People were saying a lot of terrible things like, the fact that he would be put down for no reason.”

In the meantime, 12-year-old Sunshine waited the eight-day mandatory wait period to be claimed by his owners and sadly wasn’t.

Sunshine received routine and thorough health checks that revealed he had neglected teeth which sadly had to be removed, and a heart murmur which needed to be closely monitored through regular vet checks. Despite all he had endured physically, Sunshine had an infectious bubbly character and bonded quickly with staff who were adamant on finding him a loving new home.

Earlier this week, Sunshine was placed up for adoption. When Julie saw the announcement she quickly informed Alan who said he was keen on saving him.

“I called the shelter right away and the staff were just so helpful,” Julie said. “They placed Sunshine on hold and gave us even an extra day to give us the time travel down and pick him up.”

Alan said at the time both he and Julie were under the impression — based on the online commentary — that Sunshine would be put down eventually if not adopted.

Manager of shelter operations Jodie Addamo cleared up the misinformation: “Every cat and dog placed up for adoption remains there until they are rehomed,” Ms Addamo clarified.


“We recently had a dog in Echuca who had waited eight-months before getting adopted earlier this month. Currently, at our North Melbourne shelter, we have a number of cats that have waited for months to be adopted.”

Needless to say, Alan was delighted by Sunshine’s warm personality upon meeting him and was impressed by how well he go on with the other dogs. “They will be spending a lot of time together as I spend a lot of time travelling for work, so it’s good to see they get along.”sunshine (1)

Reflecting on her experience with the Home, Julie said her personal experience was contrary to what she had been reading online.

“I cannot fault the staff at the home. All the terrible comments on social media at the moment is just not fair and goes against everything that has panned out for us here today. It was really a pleasant experience all the way through.

Happy to help her friend find his perfect match, Julie said that she is to on adopting one day from the Home herself.

“I am so happy with how the adoption has gone. I have to say, it will be sad day when I have to say goodbye to one of my little dogs, but when I do I have no doubt in my mind that I will come and adopt from The Lost Dogs’ Home.”