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Adopted & Adored: ‘Lady’ of the house

February 5, 2015

Name: Lady Charlotte

Adoption Date: January, 2015


Hello there!


I’m writing to fill you in on how the lovely feline, Lady Charlotte has been settling in since she recently chose us.


I say chose us because we had originally considered another cat, but that one seemed destined for someone else. Charlotte instead meowed at us through her window, then hung around as we met. Then, off her own accord walked into our cat carrier!


We have fallen in love with this little girl and I believe she has with us.


We’re getting to know each other, we’re finding out what she loves to play with and when she feels like a cuddle. She is also establishing her favourite spots in the house. Lady Charlotte is truly at home and we love that she is part of it!


My six-year-old daughter Siena is learning so much about the difference between cats and dogs (her grandmother owns a very affectionate and vigorous border collie) and they are slowly but very surely becoming friends. Siena has even taken to making toys for her!


I’d also like to take this opportunity to say a very sincere thank you to everyone that we dealt with on that day. I only saw kindness and genuine care and affection for this little girl and making sure that we were made aware of everything and in no rush at all.


We are really grateful and appreciate what a difficult job you must be in for all manner of reasons, let alone getting attached to them all and letting them go.


Please rest assured that the sweet Lady Charlotte is in good, caring hands and in a loving home.


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