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Happy homes for kittens found in box

February 19, 2018
Stray kittens Onyx and Topaz were found in a box.

One of our ambulance drivers made an unexpected discovery as she returned from a call-out one night back in January.

Two kittens had been left in a box outside our North Melbourne shelter. They were scared, trembling and covered in a petrol-like substance.

“It was around midnight. As I pulled up, I saw the box and thought it was either a donation or an animal,” said Noeline, animal ambulance driver at The Lost Dogs’ Home.

“I remember the smell. It was like petrol.

The kittens were despondent. They looked up and meowed at me as if to say, ‘please love me’.

Noeline immediately took the kittens inside and set them up in a condo with food and a comfy bed.

Scared, underweight and showing signs of cat flu, the kittens needed to grow and recover in a nurturing foster home before they would be ready to find a permanent home.

After a month in foster care with another one of our ambulance drivers, the kittens – now named Topaz and Onyx – were feeling much better and braver. Not long after, Topaz and Onyx both found wonderful new homes.

I feel very happy knowing they’re ready for a new life. They’re very sweet,” said Noeline.

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