As Fletcher tossed a bag of rubbish into his building’s communal bins one Tuesday afternoon, he was surprised to hear a strange noise coming from amongst the trash. Stopping to listen, he heard the noise again and began digging through the piles of smelly stuff until he came across a tightly sealed plastic bag. Inside, he found a seven-week-old kitten.

“The bag was tied completely shut, so the little guy had no hope of getting out of there,” Fletcher’s wife Georgia – who arrived on the scene within five minutes of Fletcher making the discovery – said. “It was a boiling hot day so he can’t have been in there for that long because he just wouldn’t have survived.”

Understandably, the little kitten was extremely distressed and weak after his ordeal, so Fletcher quickly gave him some water to drink and a little bit of milk for nourishment. Georgia said it took a little while but the kitten finally started to calm down.

“In the beginning, he was meowing and meowing and was really agitated,” she said. “But, you know, there were three people sitting around, patting him, making soothing noises and giving him milk so he eventually relaxed.”

Given Georgia’s allergy to cat hair, the couple knew that they wouldn’t be the lucky ones who could offer the little man a home. However Georgia said if their circumstances were different, not even an allergy could have stopped her adopting him!

“He was very cute and I think if we had a bigger house or lived in the country, we’d have taken him without a doubt,” she said. “However we live in a block of flats and they’re about 20m2 in size. So there isn’t a lot of space for me and a cat that I’m allergic to!”

Georgia admits they had no knowledge of what to do when finding a stray; however a quick Google search led her to her council’s website, where she was instructed to bring the kitten into The Lost Dogs’ Home.

“Georgia and Fletcher did exactly the right thing by giving the kitten a drink of water, some sustenance and then bringing him into the shelter,” cat shelter manager Karina Bailey said. “They really saved that little kitten’s life because of their actions.”

In honour of the man who pulled him out of his predicament, the Home has decided to name the kitten ‘Fletcher’. He is currently up for adoption and is now desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and received the all-clear from the vet.

“We were really relieved when our vets checked him out and declared him fit and healthy,” Karina said. “The only thing wrong with him was that he was treated appallingly by humans who were supposed to care for him.”

As for Georgia, she said the incident has been a major talking point around her building.

“I don’t believe we’re actually allowed pets in our building, so it makes me think someone was trying to get rid of the problem,” she said. “It’s quite creepy to think there is someone who lives nearby who could do something like that to a kitten.”

If you’re interested in adopting Fletcher, please call the North Melbourne shelter on 03 9329 2755 and quote Animal ID: 902923.