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It’s the little things in life

September 20, 2019

Pascal admits that he wasn’t too sure about fostering Croissant at first. He has always loved big dogs and has never owned or looked after small dogs before. That soon changed.

Pascal quickly bonded with Croissant and loved how she was the perfect balance of having both a playful and relaxed side to her, as well as being super adorable!

Looking at her today, you’d never guess how much Croissant has been through. Since arriving at The Lost Dogs’ Home she has needed three separate surgeries for knee problems and a hernia, as well as extensive care for a gall bladder condition.

Supporters like you helped fund the $7,000 in vet care that saved Croissant’s life and made sure she was healthy enough to leave Pascal’s care and be put up for adoption. But for new owners Patrick and Haile, the joy Croissant brings them is priceless.