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Honey returns home 18 months later

May 2, 2016

Sweet in name and in nature, three year-old Honey left a hole in the heart of owners Jade and Alex after she ran away in mid-2014.

Worried they would never see their beloved English Staffy again; Jade and Alex received the ultimate Christmas gift in December 2015, after getting a call from The Lost Dogs’ Home to tell them Honey was safe and well at the North Melbourne shelter.

“It was surreal getting the call from The Lost Dogs’ Home telling us they had Honey in their care.

“Only a few weeks earlier my family had been talking about how we all slow down whenever we pass a little English Staffy in the street just to see if they were Honey.

“Even after 18 months we never stopped thinking about her,” said Jade.

While it is unclear where Honey was during her time away, she did arrive at the Home in a good condition – suggesting she had been looked after by someone who didn’t consider Honey had an owner who was missing her.

For Jade and Alex, being reunited with Honey not only drove home the importance of keeping your microchip details up-to-date, but also the importance of handing lost pets to councils and shelters.

“If you find a lost pet on the street, there is a very real possibility the animal has owners who are desperately looking for them.”

“Finders need to make sure they hand in a lost animal to their local animal shelter, like The Lost Dogs’ Home, as they can usually reunite them quickly with their owner.”

Over the last three months 73 per cent of dogs at our North Melbourne shelter were reunited with their owners, many of them thanks to a microchip with the correct contact details.

Now safely back at home, Jade and Alex have enjoyed watching Honey settle into her new surroundings and meet her new companions.

“We were concerned with how Honey would settle in as we moved house while she was missing, but it’s like she has never been away – she is enjoying lots of cuddles and belly rubs.

“She has two new siblings, Dotti and Joely, who are a little younger than Honey but she’s keeping up and getting along with them so well. It is great to see her big Staffy smile back!”

Click here for more information on what to do if you find a lost pet in your area.

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Honey returns home after 18 months