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Honey Bun’s Journey

June 7, 2019


Honey Bun was found wandering the streets, shaking with fear.

The streets of Melbourne can be a scary place when you’re just a tiny little girl. Honey Bun arrived at The Lost Dogs’ Home in February – lost, frightened and desperately in need of care.  Under that beautiful but bedraggled Pomeranian coat, she was all skin and bones; cowering and shaking like a leaf.

From street to surgery.

It took six days of tempting Honey Bun with different food before she felt safe enough to eat properly.  When our veterinary team examined and then x-rayed Honey Bun, it was obvious she needed surgery on both rear legs to repair her slipping knee caps.  While she was under sedation with these surgeries, we also desexed her and gave her teeth a good clean too. Now after having regular good food and gentle grooming, she’s back in great physical condition again and simply loves to be cuddled.

Care and compassion got Honey Bun back on her paws.
Care and compassion got Honey Bun back on her paws.

Learning to love humans again.

We’ll never know what Honey Bun has had to endure before she came to us, but it was obvious she was terrified of everything.  With all the love and attention she received here at The Lost Dogs’ Home, she quickly became a loving  and friendly little dog again and now she’s got a new owner who is making sure she gets every comfort and lots of cuddles.

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Honey Bun’s new owner, Tarnie, says the beautiful Pomeranian bundle of joy has changed her life.   “She melts my heart every single day, and I just love spoiling her rotten! Thank you all so much.”