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Adoption drive finds homes for 55 big dogs

July 12, 2018
55 big dogs found homes during our Big Stars adoption drive.

Our Big Stars adoption drive ended on the weekend, with 55 big dogs finding new homes!

To help our big dogs find loving homes as soon as possible, we shone a light on these Big Stars and reduced their adoption fees for 19 days.

While 55 big dogs were adopted, it was a busy time for dog adoptions in general, with 106 dogs finding homes.

“Opening the gates of a morning and seeing so many people waiting out the front ready to meet our Big Stars was so incredibly rewarding,” said Gemma, adoptions team leader.

The most memorable moment of the adoption drive was seeing so many of our long-term dogs walk out with their new families.

“Some of these dogs had been waiting quite some time for their new families to walk in and sweep them off their paws.

“What makes this even more rewarding is hearing from our adopters a few days later with happy updates.”

Big dogs typically spend a little longer waiting to be adopted, compared to their smaller counterparts.

“Anyone thinking about welcoming a shelter dog into their lives should consider adopting a lager dog,” said Gemma.

Big dogs are double the size but also offer double the love, double the kisses and double the warmth under the doona”.

Although the Big Stars adoption drive has finished, we still have many big dogs waiting to find their loving forever homes. Meet our dogs for adoption.