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A new lease on life for neglected dog, Griffin

May 29, 2018

Griffin had been suffering for a long time before we met him. He arrived at our shelter as a stray, covered in filthy, matted fur that was caked in faeces.

Our vets and nurses kept Griffin comfortable as they treated his awful wounds.

Once his wounds had healed and his confidence had grown, Griffin was ready for the exciting next step in his life; finding a new home.

Sarah and Breydon fell in love with Griffin and his playful nature when they visited the adoptions centre.

“He was just the cutest when we came to adopt. We didn’t know his story until afterwards,” said Sarah.

“We felt really sorry for Griffin, but it didn’t affect our love for him.

We just wanted him to feel like a part of our family and not to worry anything bad will happen to him again, as we will always keep him safe.”

Griffin is flourishing in his new surroundings and loving environment.

His favourite toy is a furry character from Star Wars, which he carries with him everywhere and sleeps with.

Griffin’s affection for Sarah and Breydon is often shown in the form of countless cuddles. It’s that sort of gratitude that is priceless when choosing to adopt a pet.

Your gift today can help provide treatment and care to neglected pets, just like Griffin.