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Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo

June 4, 2009

About 20% of the 20,000 dogs and cats that arrive at The Lost Dogs’ Home do not have any form of identification. In most cases, one small microchip is all that is needed to reunite lost and distressed pets with their owners.

At this year’s Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo, to be held on the 27th and 28th of June at Varsity Lakes, pet owners can microchip their furry friend and help prevent the heartache of a lost pet for only $20. Bookings are essential on 1300 734 738.

Why microchip pets?

Microchipping is the only form of permanent pet identification and can prevent the indescribable anguish of a missing pet.

Kate from Victoria explains how microchipping her cat Snoosels brought him home against all odds…twice!

“Snoosels is a born wanderer and loves to spend his time exploring the neighbourhood. He has a curious nature which means he is usually outside, despite our efforts to turn him into an indoor cat! He has two microchips and wears a collar with two identification tags.

About a year ago, Snoosels went missing for five days. Thankfully, he was found by a kind lady in the local park, approximately six kilometres from home. She took him to a nearby vet clinic where he was scanned and found to have a microchip. To our great relief, the clinic called us and we were happily reunited!

Recently, Snoosels again went missing, but this time is was for five weeks. I thought I would never see him again and wondered how the children would cope without their beloved pet. My daughter was distraught and not old enough to understand why Snoosels didn’t come home. However, once again, Snoosels’ microchip eventually brought him home. I believe he was actually taken by someone and transported over to the other side of the city; close to forty kilometres away! He fortunately managed to escape (which he is very good at doing) and was once again picked up by a caring person and taken to a local vet clinic where he was scanned for a microchip.

On both occasions, Snoosels had either lost his collar or had his identification tags removed. I am very grateful to have Snoosels back home and recommend that all pet owners have their pets microchipped for peace of mind.”

Kate Johnson, Victoria

To take advantage of this $20 microchipping offer, please book by calling the National Pet Register on 1300 734 738. This offer is only available for the Gold Coast Pet & Animal Expo.