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INFO: Getting your pet ready for NYE fireworks

December 22, 2015

For many of us New Year’s Eve fireworks are a magical event. What better way to bring in a new year than to see the sky light up in a technicolour display?

However, while we revel in the firework theatrics, for our cats and dogs, firework displays can be a source of stress and anxiety.

While scheduled New Year’s Eve fireworks are still more than a week away, there are some things pet owners should be doing now to ensure their pet remains clam during a fireworks display.

Earlier this month the Pets-A-Loud team caught up with Dr Trepheena Hunter, Animal Behaviour Manager at the Home, to get some helpful tips on how to keep pets calm during firework displays. Hit play on the audio below to find out more.

Fireworks and thunderstorm care – Part 1

Fireworks and thunderstorm care – Part 2


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