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FSVC now preparing pets for travel

June 9, 2015

Relocating overseas can be an exciting experience, but when planning a big move, we have to consider our family’s needs which include the needs of our furry companions!

Taking a pet overseas requires careful planning, preparation and a specialised vet check.

The Frank Samways Veterinary clinic now has two Australian Government Accredited Veterinarians (AAVs), Dr Elena Latch and Dr Heidi Fahnle, who can help get your furry friend ready for their big overseas adventure.

According to Frank Samways Veterinarian, Dr Elena Latch, having the AAVs at the clinic, means that people living and working in North Melbourne and surrounding suburbs now have access to a local clinic to prepare their pet for their big move overseas.

“Before travelling overseas, an AQIS Accredited Veterinarian Consultation needs to be completed for your pet. It is an Australian Government requirement for all pets travelling internationally and the check needs to be completed by an AAV,

“In addition to completing the necessary veterinary work, Heidi and I can provide advice and guide you through the steps you need to go through when moving a pet overseas,” said Elena.

During the initial consultation Elena and Heidi will discuss the steps needed to make sure your pet is ready for their overseas journey.

As each country has specific requirements for incoming pets, they will take you through what vaccines and checks your pet needs to make sure they meet the quarantine requirements of the destination country.

If you would like to find out more information or book an AQIS Accredited Veterinarian Consultation with Elena or Heidi contact the Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic on (03) 9329 2755.