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Make Your Pet’s Smile Sparkle!

July 19, 2019


MAINTAIN your dog or kitty’s pearly whites at The Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic in North Melbourne. For the entire month of August, free dental health checks will be offered to promote healthy teeth and gums for Pet Dental Health month.

The free examination includes an inspection of your pet’s teeth and gums for signs of plaque or gum disease, advice and an estimate, if necessary.

However, appointments are limited, so make sure you book soon!

We’re also offering 35% off dental services, including teeth cleaning, general anesthesia, , pain relief, extractions, and antibiotics (if deemed necessary). A dental treatment plan will be provided upon the dental check.

It comes as research reveals 70% to 80% of dogs and cats have dental disease by the age of 3, requiring some treatment and/or preventative care.

Symptoms can include smelly breath, yellow or discoloured teeth, red swollen gums, loose or missing teeth, and difficulty eating hard foods or chewing toys.

 Many pets never show symptoms beyond bad breath. However, most dental disease occurs below the gumline, where you can’t see it.

 Without regular veterinary visits, much of our pets’ dental disease is not detected until it is dire.

To learn more about your pet’s dental health, make an appointment for a free dental health check at The Frank Samways Veterinary Clinic today!

To make an appointment, simply call The Frank Samways Vet Clinic on (03) 8379 4498 or visit 1 Boundary Road, North Melbourne.