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FOSTER CARE: Yolanda gives back to pets in need

January 24, 2016

The decision to become a pet foster carer with The Lost Dogs’ Home can be a big one. It takes time and commitment to care for a companion animal in need. However, for many of our foster carers, once you have taken the steps to care for an animal in need, there is no looking back.

For Yolanda, her decision to become a pet foster carer happened after seeing a call out for new foster carers by the Home.

“Animals make up such a big part of my life and every dog I have adopted has come from The Lost Dogs’ Home, so I do have a long history with them.

“I had been looking for new ways to give back to animals in need and thought pet foster caring would be a great opportunity to help shelter dogs on their journey towards finding new homes,” said Yolanda.

With her two dogs, to help provide companionship to her foster animals, for Yolanda foster caring fits in with her daily routine.

“Having two dogs at home means I need foster animals that can fit in with their routine; also, as I have a dog friendly household, it makes it difficult for me to foster cats.

“The home takes a foster carer’s lifestyle factors into consideration; I work closely with the Home’s foster care coordinator to ensure the animals I foster fit in with my daily routine.

“The Home provides us with everything we need to care for our foster dogs, including food and vet care, so I find it’s easy for more to take the time to foster dogs in need.

With The Lost Dogs’ Home calling out for new foster carers in 2016, Yolanda recommends anyone looking to help animals in need, should look to apply to become a carer with the Home.

“The best part of fostering is seeing the animals formally in your care go on to find their new home.

“While it is hard to say goodbye to the dogs at the end of their time in foster care, you know you are giving them the love and care they need in order to go onto find their new homes.

“Foster caring is the most rewarding experience I have ever done,” said Yolanda.

Become a foster carer in January

The Home is in need of new pet foster carers in 2016. To help, we’re calling on you to put pet foster caring at the top of your New Year’s resolution list.

Foster animals come to us with unknown histories and can be more vulnerable than other dogs, cats, kittens and puppies in our care. These animals need some extra TLC before they can go on to find their new family.

Do you think you can open your heart and your home to companion animals needing a little extra care? With your help, we can make a difference to these animals.

If you would like more information about becoming a foster carer in 2016, call our foster care coordinator on (03) 9321 8786 or visit