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FEATURE: Our dogs and cats help biosecurity

October 1, 2015

Each and every year thousands of dogs and cats are brought into Australia. However, before they are able to settle into their new homes, these animals need to be assessed in a post entry quarantine facility to ensure they are not also importing foreign diseases or parasites into the country.

This year the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources will open its new post quarantine facility in Mickleham. During September, 22 cats and dogs from The Lost Dogs’ Home enjoyed a week-long stay in the new facility as part of the Department’s final checks before it is opened for international arrivals.

Dr Colin Grant, Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Head of the post entry quarantine facility build, said that the cats and dogs who participated in the exercise enjoyed the highest welfare standards while staying at the facility.

“This facility is about protecting our agriculture industries as well as Australia’s unique environment, native flora and fauna.

Augustus settling in to the new cat pen“The dogs and cats taking part in the exercise were able to enjoy the facility’s brand new climate controlled kennels, exercise yards and comfortable accommodation.

“By participating in the exercise these dogs and cats helped us streamline our operations in the Mickleham facility before we open it for overseas arrivals,” said Dr Grant.

According to The Lost Dogs’ Home CEO, Kerry Thompson, the exercise gave dogs and cats available for adoption the opportunity to help with this important exercise, essential to Australia’s ongoing biosecurity.

“Australia has an unique and precious environment that needs to be protected for our native and domestic animals and we were more than happy to participate in this exercise to help commission the Department’s new facility.

Hudson keeping watch“We were told that staff members from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources became close to the animals from the Home during the exercise – with one staff member going on to adopt one of the dogs participating in the exercise.

“We expect all of the animals from the exercise will go on to find new families – including one year-old cat Hopper and two year-old Labrador cross Ruby, who are still available for adoption,” said Ms Thompson.

The post entry quarantine facility will start taking online bookings from October and will open progressively, taking dogs and cats from November 23. For more information visit

If you are thinking of adopting a dog or cat from The Lost Dogs’ Home, you can view the animals currently available for adoption at

You can also come down to our North Melbourne Shelter at 2 Gracie Street, North Melbourne to meet these dogs and cats in the fur.