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FEATURE: A rescue partnership milestone

October 28, 2015

Each animal that comes into our care has their own unique story and unique needs. To help those animals needing some extra care and attention we work with various rescue groups throughout Victoria to give these animals a second chance to find their new home.

This year we have worked to expand and develop our rescue partnerships program. To help with this process the Home appointed Rescue Coordinator, Kevin.

Since March Kevin has worked collaboratively with our rescue partners to find forever homes for dogs and cats coming into the Home – and last week he reached a major milestone with his 200th dog, Buddha, going to Lort Smith as part of the rescue program.

As Kevin points out, the Home had an existing rescue program which had been in place for some time. However, earlier this year, the decision was made to commit more resources to developing these rescue partnerships further.

“Over the past six months we have worked to develop new rescue partnerships and will continue to do so into the future.

“I work regularly with a range of different rescue groups to help those animals needing a little extra time and a little extra care go on to find their loving home.

“We are continuing to work with rescue groups to grow and develop our partnerships and it is thanks to their passion, love and dedication that we have been able to reach this milestone,” said Kevin.

For Serena, General Manager of Adoptions at Lort Smith, establishing a rescue partnership with the Home has been a great opportunity for both organisations and has allowed her to help more animals find their forever homes.

“Kevin contacts me twice a week with cats, bunnies and dogs, like Buddha, to see if we can help out in any way.

“Kevin understands the types of animals we have and the need for our adoptions program and makes the effort to contact us straight away if there is an animal at the Home who might be suited to our clients.

“To be able to work with our neighbour has been a great opportunity and we look forward to continuing with this relationship in the future,” said Serena.

If you belong to a rescue group and would like more information on the Home’s rescue partnerships program, email Kevin at or visit