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Adopted & Adored: Elsa & Splodge’s new best friends!

October 2, 2014

As school holidays come to a close no doubt there are many stories of the antics our pets and their young friends have been up to throughout the past two weeks! Our childhood pets often form the basis of our fondest and dearest memories, we remember them throughout our entire lives as the first animals to truly touch our hearts and they provide countless hours of joy and love, as we grow up side-by-side.

We love receiving happy stories at the home, and these two made their way to our mailbox in the past couple of weeks!

“Meet Elsa,

Anabelle and I (Sarah) adopted Elsa two weeks ago and it is like she has always lived here.  She is such a lovely and sociable girl.

As soon as I sit down, she is straight onto me for cuddles and she follows me everywhere, whichever room I am in she is sure to be close by.

She has mad minutes in the morning and then again in the evenings which keeps us in absolute stitches. She’s just so funny and we feel so lucky to have found her.”image002-2image003

“Hello to The Lost Dogs’ Home team,

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for our gorgeous family dog that we adopted in March.

His name was Sammy but he is now known as our beloved Splodge! He is a gorgeous boy, loves his walks, drives in the car & cuddles up with all family members whenever given the opportunity.

He has a gorgeous temperament & we are thankful everyday for this gorgeous boy.

All our love, The Cooper Family”

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