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Adopted & adored: Update on Elmar the cat

January 29, 2015

Name: Elmar

Age: Three-years-old

Adopted: June, 2014

Hey guys,

I adopted Elmar last June (ginger cat with his left rear leg amputated) and just wanted to send some photos so you can see how he’s getting on.

Elmar is honestly one of the loveliest cats I’ve ever gotten to know. image2-1Despite being very independent and wanting to keep himself when I first got him home, with some food and time to wonder it took about an hour for him to come sit next to me and demand head rubs. He now has his own spot in front of the TV and of course has chosen his sleeping spot on my chest every night!

He is an indoor cat but I do try take him out in the garden everyday if not every second day. He has set up his own running circuit in the house which includes, around the sofa into a kitchen cupboard (that he has opened) down the hallway, into the hallway cupboard (that he has also opened) and then up on to the bathroom cabinet. He will do this for a good half hour! He is also surprisingly quick often bowling me out the way if I get in the way of his circuit!

At the moment his new thing is water he absolutely loves it, if he hears someone walking to the bathroom he will run past you jump up onto the sink and wait for you to turn the tap on and will just stick his whole head under the water and let in run down his face! Sometimes he will just sit by the tap and meow until you come and turn it on.

Bimage4-1ut I’m really glad I adopted him — he’s a beautiful cat. People who come around comment on how lovely his is, he’s got a massive house to run around in and is spoilt rotten with head tickles by everyone who meets him.

We plan to celebrate his fourth birthday on April 6 with a party hat for him and tuna!

Enjoy the photos I’m sending. My favourite would have to be of him helping me build my dining room furniture!

All the best,


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