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‘Don’t Blame the Dog’ – encouraging responsible pet ownership

October 16, 2012
Mishak and Amy at The Lost Dogs' Home

Sunday 21/10/2012 on ABC2 at 8:30pm ‘Don’t Blame the Dog’ will feature The Lost Dogs’ Home!

The Lost Dogs’ Home is pleased to see the thought provoking BBC reality TV series on responsible dog ownership, has reached Australian screens.

Currently on ABC 2, ‘Don’t Blame the Dog’ follows the journey of twelve dog owners from Britain and explores their dysfunctional and sometimes destructive relationships with their canine companions.

The participants range from dog breeders to impulse buyers who genuinely love their dogs but fail to meet their basic to complex needs as responsible owners.

Aiming to challenge the attitude and behaviour of irresponsible dog owners, each participant is given a reality check as they spend a week with experienced handlers who work with dogs for a living, and are experts in their care and behaviour.

We hear about each participant’s story and see their progression as their attitudes begin to change and learn to value and appreciate their responsibilities as dog owners.

Click here to watch "Don't Blame the Dog"
Click here to watch “Don’t Blame the Dog”

The Lost Dogs’ Home on ‘Don’t Blame the Dog’

The Lost Dogs’ Home was fortunate to be invited to take part in the series, and this week on Wednesday 17 October, the episode filmed at the Home’s North Melbourne shelter will be broadcast.

 In this episode you will meet Mishak and Amy who travel halfway around the world to The Lost Dogs’ Home, where they are confronted by the harsh reality of dealing with unwanted and abandoned dogs.

They spend a week learning first-hand why dogs end up at the Home and the impact irresponsible owners and backyard breeding have on the welfare and the lives of dogs.Each participant is allocated a dog and is given the responsibility of preparing the untrained and poorly socialised canines for adoption through daily obedience training.

While on the journey to find these dogs a home, the participants discover that they too are on a personal journey themselves. One participant learns that perseverance with training pays off while the other, with his new found perspective, questions his strong held views on breeding and de-sexing.

The episode also sheds light on the daily challenges faced by dedicated staff at the Home and the satisfaction they feel helping to educate and change the behaviours of the two young Brits for the better.

We do want to mention that some of the very sad realities of our daily work are shown which some viewers may find upsetting. However, overall we believe it to be a very inspiring episode that demonstrates the positive effect our work has on the lives of irresponsibly owned dogs. 

Read more on the filming of the ‘Don’t Blame the Dog’ program at the North Melbourne Shelter.

The Lost Dogs’ Home will be featured in the second episode Sunday night at 8.30pm on ABC 2. Watch the first episode on iView. You can now watch the episode featuring The Lost Dogs’ Home online through iview.

Pets-A-Loud will be discussing responsible pet ownership this Friday from noon on Joy 94.9.