Dog adoption

Pledge to Adopt

Make the pledge stand up for pets

Together let’s make the lives of shelter pets great again!

pledge to adopt and give animals in need a second chance in life.


We want to build a huge wall, sky high with your pledges shouting enough is enough to cruel puppy farms, kitten factories and backyard breeders who fill up our shelters year on year with homeless pets.

You may not be ready to adopt today, next week or even this year. But what you can do today is make your pledge to adopt when the time is right for you and let everyone around you know why. Now or in the future, guaranteed there will be a shelter dog or cat that is perfect for you.

All Trumpisms aside, you will help turn the life around of a deserving shelter animal.

Join a true community of caring individuals who are working toward a better future for our companion animals.

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