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A little bit about Hustler

Meet Hustler!

A happy excitable boy looking for a fur-ever home!

Hustler really lives up to his name. He can convince anyone that he hasn't had treats today and that they should give him more. However, if you're a tough one to crack he will happily sneak up and pinch some ;)

Hustler can get a little boisterous when he's excited so his hoomans will need to be aged 12 and above. He is still learning that the floor isn't lava.

He would appreciate if his hoomans are a little patient with touching and handling as he is still learning to appreciate extra cuddles, so his hoomans will need to understand that he may want time to himself.

He would love a K9 friend who is just as bouncy and excited as he is, pending they have a perfect first date at the shelter.

If you have treats to spare then head down to the Cranbourne Shelter today!

weight: 33kg

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