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A little bit about Rugger

Introducing Rugger!

This handsome man is ready for adoption and we'd love to see him find his forever home with you! Have you got a fairly active household? One that is preferably fairly quiet?

Rugger is the best boy but can be a little nervous at first, go slow! Because of this the household would need to be adults only, but don't let this put you off, he bonds quickly and will be your BFF before you know it. Rugger has had some scary experiences with Vets and is very fearful of vet handling, Ruggers new family will need to work on his fear of Vets.

Rugger is working on his polite greetings and manners around unfamiliar people and dogs, this means he will have to be the only pup in the household and will have to avoid dogs parks and highly dog-populated areas.

Rugger is very food motivated and loves to play with toys, watch him jump, chase, flip, and spin, you'll be playing fetch for hours! Come on down and fill the Rugger-shaped hole in your heart!

Come meet him today and you won't be able to leave without him!



This website is updated in real time at the conclusion of an adoption. There is a chance that while you are enquiring to meet your potential new pet, he or she may already be involved in an adoption process. If this happens, please consider another animals. Thanks for your patience.

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