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A little bit about Fabio

Introducing the handsome and charming Fabio,

Fabio came to us as an energetic young pup with lots of learning to do. He's a boisterous young man who is full of beans. He is easily excited and has loads of love to share with the right person.

As his personality can be a little overwhelming for small kids, he would be best to go to an adults-only home who have some dog experience. Because he is easily excitable, sometimes he converts his excitement into mouthing and jumping. But do not fear, he means no harm! An active home that could provide him with endless toys and physical exercise would be perfect for this big man.

As Fabio is still learning his basics in puppy etiquette, he would benefit from ongoing training to manage his impulse control. He has shown us his talent in escaping from insecure fencing so a fully fenced yard is a must.

Fabio's adoption fee includes a mandatory post-adoption training session with our Pet Squad team

While he still has lots of puppy energy to share, he would love to share some downtime with you at the end of a long day.

He absolutely loves other canines and would be great to go home with a doggy of a similar play style.

We have found that Fabio is not suited to the unit or apartment life and will love to be able to play and frolic in a decent sized backyard

If Fabio sounds like the pup for you then, please pop in an application.

Weight: 33kg

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