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A little bit about Shylo

Adults Only (16+)
May be able to live with another social dog

Hi, my name is Shylo.

I'm a nervous little guy looking for some humans who would love to help me become the confident dog I know I can be.

I came to the shelter a very scared boy - but with some patience, training, routine and TLC, I am proud to say I have made an astounding amount of progress. Imagine what I am capable of in a home!

While settling into the home, I'm going to need things to be taken reeeeal easy. I would love to just have some quiet time with my new humans, where we don't have lots of visitors and we don't have to go on adventures just yet. I am a dog who may not enjoy being patted by you to begin with, but once we are friends, I have endless amounts of love to give & I LOVE to play fetch!

I am interested in other dogs, but am still learning good social skills and practicing calm behaviour when saying hello to them for the first time. If you have a social dog at home who won't be put off by my initial excitable nature, I would love to meet them!

Weight: 27.5kg

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