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A little bit about Thunder

Thunder is a gentle giant! He is absolutely stunning, with legs for days, and the most sweetest, affectionate personality.

I am currently in foster care and my lovely foster carer has helped give us some background on what I am like in the home!

Thunder wants to stay close to you wherever you are, and loves his person no matter what. He loves to sit in your lap which is a bit tricky when he's the same size as you! He has a bit of energy, and loves going for a good walk in the morning and in the afternoon.

Left to his own devices, he loves playing with soft toys (especially if they have a squeaker) or treat toys (Kongs, toilet rolls, ect) with lots of kibble and peanut butter.

Thunder's long legs and agility make him perfect for training, and he can also find those hard-to-reach places! He's quite confident climbing up on to a bench or table to reach something he can smell, or something he'd like to see. He can also open bins, containers, plastic bags, you name it. He's a clever, resourceful dog but he doesn't do these things if he's provided with other enrichment.

Thunder is a dream to walk, but can be excited and sometimes pull when when he sees other dogs. Most walks are beautiful, strolling loose-leash walks.
Thunder loves meeting new people so much that he initially tries to jump right on them, which is tricky when he's as big as they are.

Thunder knows 'sit', 'down' and 'on your bed' and now reflexively sits while waiting for his meals to be prepared. He will be lots of fun to train in all sorts of games and activities.

He's a beautiful, gentle soul who has just learnt how far jumping can take him instead! He can easily jump fences and is definitely more happy inside at home with his people rather than out in the backyard.

Thunder is almost toilet-trained but he still needs lots of opportunities to toilet and makes mistakes every now and again.

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