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A little bit about Rando

**Please note Rando is only available for Meet and Greets Monday-Friday when his trainer is here**

Hi! I'm Rando!

The humans here tell me everyday that I'm the coolest and prettiest boy in the shelter, though I don't let it get to my head. I'm really a humble dude with the occasional burst of energy.

I've made loads of friends in the shelter, everyone seems to know me here! I've even made acquaintances with a few dogs that don't get up in my face. While it's pretty sociable, I'm pretty keen to get out. Just imagine, we could be relaxing together in your home!

My preference is to be the only dog in the the house, so I can get all the play-time, pats, walks and treats and I reckon a more quite vibe would suit.

My trainer mate in here has taught me to check when on walks. I love learning new stuff and have a few tricks under my belt, I will even shake your hand when you come in to say hi!

So that's me, signing off for now. If you think we would be great mates, make an adoption inquiry today!

Much love! Rando xo

Weight: 29.8kg

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