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Discount Adoption Fees For Pet Licence 101 Holders

March 10, 2010
Jane and Samuel with Pet Licence 101 certificate

The Lost Dogs’ Home recently launched its own pet licencing program: Pet Licence 101. The online quiz designed to educate potential pet owners, has been overwhelmingly well received by members of the public, dog trainers and pet owners.

The Lost Dogs’ Home is now offering discounted adoption fees for people who complete the online test and present the completion certificate at reception.

As of this Saturday, 13 March, The Lost Dogs’ Home will offer discounted adoption fees for people who complete the online test and present the completion certificate at reception. Dog and puppy fees will be reduced by $30 and cat and kitten fees by $15 – a substantial saving just for putting yourself in the know.

“The discount to be offered to potential owners is aimed at encouraging them to take the test before they adopt a pet from us. This way, they will acquire at least the basic knowledge required to own a pet responsibly. It ensures our pets are going to homes with well informed owners,” said Dr Graeme Smith, the Home’s Director of 23 years.

“I anticipate reduced return rates and surrenders, and an increase in areas such as pet identification and desexing”.

After its launch and subsequent media coverage in the Herald Sun , Pet Licence 101 received a great deal of interest from members of the public. 1813 people took the online test in the first two days. 1136 were successful in passing the test on their first attempt. Owners are provided with a handbook and hints to assist them to successfully pass the test. Users can have as many attempts as they like as the quiz is designed to educate, not exclude.

Several Victorian dog breeders have applauded the Home’s initiative and will be using the test to screen and educate potential owners seeking their puppies.

I think all people concerned with the sale of puppies and dogs should be using some form of screening method for new pet owners. Pounds, shelters and rescue centres deal with many problems daily. We should all try and fix the problem. The testing and strict screening of new pet owners would help reduce the amount of neglected animals,” said breeder Jo.

Breeders Von Forrell, “vigorously support this initiative and would further encourage the training and education associated with this licence be recognised within a national framework”.

Owners Kris and Tonia went on to say “we are of the strong belief that the responsibility of dog owners is the most overlooked element when attempting to solve the problems associated with dogs in our community. This includes the relinquishment of dogs to organisations such as yours. We believe the Pet Licence will be the most effective and significant step towards addressing the issues”.

The Lost Dogs’ Home hopes that breeders and pet shops will consider using the test to screen potential owners.

“There needs to be more care taken by some pet shops and breeders to sell their animals to responsible owners. Buckley was purchased at a pet shop – he is a case in point,” said Dr Graeme Smith.

Some Feedback From Our Website
Glad to see the pet licence concept guys, great work. I am a professional trainer and behaviourist and I’m totally supportive of the concept. Brad

I applaud you guys for this program. A positive step forward to making people think twice before getting a pet. Jennifer

Attacking the root of the problem, well done folks. This is the best initiative I’ve seen so far that addresses the problem of bad pet owners at the start of the process. You guys end up having to deal with the end of the process – the dumped dogs! Eliana

I am a vet nurse and also work in a shelter. I hope this works, you are out there trying to educate the public which is awesome. Alison