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Qualifications: Cert. IV Vet Nursing, currently studying Cert. Currently studying IV
Companion Animal Services (Delta Society – Animal Behaviour).

Experience: Deb began her career in the animal industry as a veterinary nurse at RSPCA in 2000. Deb developed a keen interest in animal behaviour, and began running puppy preschool and kitten kinder classes. Deb then secured a position as behaviour consultant at Mount Evelyn Veterinary Clinic and Animal Hospital 2006. Deb began working in the Behaviour Department at The Lost Dogs’ Home in 2015. Deb also has experience with in-home behaviour consulting and PetPEP (Pet People Education Program) in kindergartens and primary schools.

Interests in behaviour training: Deb has a passion for feline behaviour and training. Deb enjoys kitten training and teaching them
valuable life skills to aid in their transition into a new home. Deb also loves teaching clients how to read body language and understand their pets.