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Adopted & Adored: Daisy smells the roses

November 30, 2014

We have a long list of Adopted & Adored ambassadors who have beyond their time at the Home, gone on to do amazing things including bringing sheer joy into the lives of their adopters, sweeping up agility and dancing trophies and ribbons, right through to providing invaluable therapy to patients in palliative and aged care.

Formerly known as Casey, young Daisy Delilah has brought great happiness into the lives of her newly adopted family and recently took to ‘writing’ a letter to the Home to keep us updated on how she’s traveling.

Daisy’s letter is our Adopted & Adored feature this week.

Hello Lost Dogs’ Home!

I just wanted to thank you for picking me up when I was lost.

I was only 12-weeks-old. My age was a guess, I don’t know my real birthday, but my mum says I’m getting a big 1st birthday celebration in a couple of weeks, complete with a cake, my fur-friends and presents. I can’t wait!

I’m so happy my mum found me, she told me as soon as she saw my photo on your website, that she knew she had to adopt me.

They tell me I’m a Bull Arab mix, but I don’t think it matters; we’re all the same inside.

I hear there are so many Bull Arabs in shelters; I only hope someone gives them a second chance.

A second chance to sleep in a nice warm comfy bed (I sleep in my mum’s bed, right in the middle and take all the blankets), to eat top quality food, to sit on your human’s lap while he or she struggles to breathe (apparently I’m not a lap dog, but my mum lets me sit there anyway), to play with toys, receive lots of cuddles and pats.

A second chance to go for walks to explore this once scary world (it’s not so scary with mum by my side) and to have a loving family of your own.
They say, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I know better. Since being adopted, I now have an uncle named Roy, he was adopted and is pretty old…and he just learnt a bunch of new tricks!

My mum says she had never met a dog so friendly, loving and happy.

She takes me to school every week, I’m in class there and I get to train off leash now! She says I’m pretty smart.

She doesn’t really like it when I chew things that she leaves lying around or things in the backyard. She says I’m the reason we can’t have a pretty backyard, she also says she would rather my love over a pretty backyard any day! I am working on it, I get lots of toys and always get a walk in the morning now, I don’t really feel like chewing things anymore.

I’ve also got a new baby brother, I’m very careful playing with him and I love him to bits.
I hope people give other Bull Arabs a chance, so they can show you how much they will love you, furever!

Love Daisy Delilah