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COVID restrictions a positive for animals at The Lost Dogs’ Home

June 1, 2020

Appointment-based adoptions are here to stay with The Lost Dogs’ Home permanently implementing appointments for all adoptions – whether for a specific animal, or to browse.

The change in process which was implemented in March because of the state lock down regulations has been reviewed and deemed a better option for both animals and potential pet owners.

Spokesperson at The Lost Dogs’ Home, Suzana Talevski, said the appointment system means that we can better inform potential dog and cat owners of the quirks and needs of the individual animals in our care.

“It means that we further minimise impulse purchases, and that the animals are more likely to have successful outcomes. So that is better for animals and owners” she said.

“This is an important step for large shelters like The Lost Dogs’ Home as we prepare for restrictions to further ease which means more people are going back to work and the potential for animals that have been adopted from us could rise.”

Our May adoption total of 566 animals is the largest single-month adoption total since January 2018.

The Home also said its appointment-based system makes better sense of time for staff and visitors to the shelter.

‘’We can get a lot of administration out of the way before a person gets here, so that means potential adopters get to spend more time with the animal in the meet and greet stage, and get a better indication of the animal’s personality.

From the shelter’s point of view, we are ready when someone gets here. Our adoption attendants have studied up and become acquainted with the animals deeply. The person you make the appointment with is the person who takes you through the meet and greet and does all your paperwork. It is a much more curated and efficient process than it ever was.”

Ms Talevski said although the appointment based system can be frustrating for some that have been waiting a while to adopt, the Home’s priority will always be making sure the most stringent processes are place to make sure animals are matched with the most suitable owners.  

For further information or to organise interviews please contact:

Suzana Talevski

T: 03 9321 8719

M: 0436 836 836