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Choose Christmas cards with a difference this year

November 24, 2010
All proceeds from Christmas card packs will go towards supporting our shelter operations.

It’s that time again. Time to be riffling through the address books, composing succinct summaries of your family’s past 300-and-however-many days, and sending to all corners of the nation and the globe festive wishes to those we care about.

You have the chance to add even more good cheer to the world this year, by choosing Christmas cards from The Lost Dogs’ Home. Not only are the delightful doggy and moggy faces on each card far more appealing than your stock standard reindeer (no offense to reindeer), but you will be helping to support the Home in its vital work.

The proceeds from the sale of our Christmas cards will go towards funding the Home’s many services to animals in need and responsible pet ownership initiatives.

So please enjoy the colourful collection of cards to choose from and help spread awareness of the many loveable dogs and cats we care for, who are just waiting to find a loving owner.

Our Christmas cards can be viewed and purchased online – to order, click here