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ChipChecker at a park near you in 2014

November 26, 2014

Reuniting a lost pet with their owner should only ever be a phone call away however, each year tens of thousands of lost pets cannot be returned home simply because their owners cannot be contacted.

Bracing themselves for the busiest time of the year, shelters across Australia will be inundated with pets that have escaped and become lost due to fireworks, stormy weather and holidaying owners.

Operations Manager Melaine Robinson said, while more people are identifying their pets with a tag and microchip, for many busy pet owners checking their pet’s identification usually fell to the bottom of the list of priorities, while others found pet identification confusing.

“We lead demanding lives and work long hours,” she said. “Unfortunately, even those of us who love and adore our pets often forget to update our contact details.”

Ms Robinson said many pet owners who have moved or changed phone number knew they needed to do something, but were not sure how to.

“There are so many registers and often pet owners struggle to navigate around what can be a complex area.”

Initiated by The Home, ChipChecker is an easy one-stop-shop for pet owners to get on track with their pet’s identification.

And, as part of National Pet ID Month this December, there is an event coming near to you!

“In under 10-minutes pet owners can find out which register their pet’s microchip is on, whether they need to update their details and if the microchip is working and/or has moved.”

“Every lost pet deserves to be given the best possible chance of being reunited safely and quickly with their owners. We urge all pet owners to check their pet’s chip at a ChipChecker station or by contacting National Pet Register,” Ms Robinson said.

So far, ChipChecker has checked over 700 microchips since the initiative was launched during National Pet ID Month, 2013.

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