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Charlotte’s remarkable makeover!

May 10, 2019

Charlotte’s remarkable makeover!


When we received a call about Charlotte, she was wandering on the Melton Highway in Sydenham.  Brought into the shelter by a Lost Dogs’ Home ambulance, the Maltese Shih Tzu was very matted and sore.

It was immediately identified that the matting of her coat was so severe, she needed to be clipped straight away to allow her to even to be able to toilet normally.

This nine-year-old girl was obviously in great discomfort from all the matting and the burrs that were tangled in her coat, but slowly our gentle groomer managed to remove the worst of her fur, sadly also discovering a feather that had embedded itself into the skin of her poor neck.

As Charlotte settled into our care and attention, our vets performed surgery to remove four rotting teeth and checked the severity of her slightly slipping kneecaps to ensure they didn’t need surgery.  Charlotte still gets quite anxious easily and will need more work to deal with being left alone without getting upset, but we think that little Charlotte is now ready to be adopted out to her forever home.

Update: Charlotte has now found her forever home.