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Help! my cat is scratching my furniture

May 19, 2013
Cats who scratch furniture

It’s easy to spot whether someone owns a cat just by looking at their furniture. Cats love taking out their need to claw on the corners of couches, timber chair legs, carpet, curtains and the list goes on! However, it is important to understand that what may seem destructive in our eyes is, from the cat’s point of view a great exercise and a biological need to keep their claws in tiptop shape! 

Protecting your furniture and other household items from the unapologetic claws of your cat, is not impossible. Consider these simple measures that will work towards a creating scratch free home.

Purchase or make at least one scratching post for your cat: Encouraging your cat to use a scratching post instead of your furniture should be your first step. Choose a scratching post that is as tall as your cat when it stands on its hind legs and ensure it’s sturdy and doesn’t wobble. Make sure the post is made from rough, coarse material such as fiber rope, as this mimics tree bark, the cat’s natural scratching element.

You could also make your own by following our simple guide

cat scratch

Teach your kitten or cat to use the scratching post: The first step is to place the post next to the furniture that they have already been enjoying scratching on. You can also make it a bit more inviting by rubbing some catnip on the post, or spraying catnip oil. Encourage your cat to use the post by sitting them in front of it and giving lots of praise whenever your cat reaches out and uses the post.

Use your authoritative voice: If you catch your cat in the act of scratching your furniture give a sharp “NO!” and pick them up and place them next to the

scratching post, hopefully he will get the idea that your furniture is a no-go zone and to scratch the post instead.

Be patient and understanding, after all your cat is only relying on its instincts. Encourage them to do the right thing as much as possible and after repeated practice your cat should become used to the idea of using their scratching post and leaving the furniture alone.