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  • Cranbourne
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A little bit about Oscar

Oscar is looking for a home just as special as he is, could that be you?

This very special cat has Cerebellar Hypoplasia or Wobbly Cat Syndrome. This means that he was born with an underdeveloped Cerebellum, which has led him to have an unsteady gait.

There is no cure for Oscars' condition, so his forever home will just need to keep him safe and cosy!He also doesn't let this bother him, still being as active and fun as any other cat!

Oscar will need to be an indoor-only feline, in a home with adults only. He would also prefer to be the only pet, as this will prevent any accidental knocking over. An indoor home is a must for Oscar as he is also deaf, so for obvious reasons is not suited to street life.

If you think you could be the one Oscar has been looking for then please apply today!

To make an adoption enquiry see the Cranbourne Cat Match profile on this page:

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