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A little bit about Kiki

Hi there, I'm Kiki!

I am an easy going girl that is calm, cool, and collected. I don't fuss for much but my ideal home would be somewhere that matches my chill vibe. During my stay in foster care my favourite game is with the cat fishing rod and I like to play it whenever initiated by my human friends.

I play best in short burts of 15 minutes a few times a day before it's time to lay down and relax. I'm not one for close cuddling but I generally like hanging out in the same room as my family on a soft and sunny spot on the floor or the couch you're on. If you come over to me for pets I will stretch out mega long so you can get all the good spots on my sides and around my ears!

Sometimes I need some alone time to myself but always come back around after a short while. I am the best purring lady in the land and you'll hear me purring all the time. When I fall asleep you will also get to enjoy my many soft snoring modes which are super cute if Ii do say so myself. I'm quick to warm up to people and know that I'll easily fit into my new forever family that is looking for a cool cat like me.

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