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A little bit about D.J.

Hey i'm Dj :)

I have spent some time in foster care and here is what my foster pawrents said about me:

"DJ is the perfect companion, she loves being around you but won't be too demanding of attention - she just likes the company. DJ is delightfully playful but she's very gentle. DJ is very happy to be picked up for cuddles, she LOVES a lap (especially if you have a laptop) and will happily snooze away by you whilst you work or relax. DJ is quite chatty, but unlike the normal meowing and purring she tends to chirp like a pigeon when she's excited or really happy DJ settled into our home right away and immediately wanted to be friends, so she won't shy away from you or hide behind furniture. Of all the fosters we've had, DJ has the sweetest and most unique temperament - she's just happy to belong to a family."

I have a few on going medical issues that my new owner will need to be aware of.

- I am FIV+ which means I will need to be an indoor kitty with no other feline friends.
- I have also been diagnosed with feline asthma which means I will require long term inhaler treatment to go home with, but don't worry if you are interested in adopting me the vet will explain everything to you!

If you are interested in me & think you could offer me the ideal home please let the adoption team know!

Love, DJ

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