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  • North Melbourne
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A little bit about Sparkle

Sparkle is a very friendly, energetic and affectionate cat. He is 3 years old, although he often acts more like a kitten! Sparkle is very confident and social, and absolutely loves playtime, cuddles and exploring the world around him. If you sit down on the floor, he will come up to you and request a gentle scratch under his chin, then curl up on your lap and start purring as loudly as he can. He's instantly liked by all and very good natured, although he is still learning his manners and can be a little over-eager at times (so not suitable for young children). Similarly, he would need to ease into a multi-cat household gradually (or if you only want one cat, that's fine too). Ideally, he would love to be an outdoor-indoor cat so he can have some adventures, although he would need some protection from the sun for his nose. Sparkle is absolutely adorable, and will be the king of your house and your heart.

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